Like-a-looks sitcom trailer

 (UK Sitcom Trials 2016 Winner)
 Director, Writer

Shot in two hours with an all-female crew, this was trailer written and directed by Vanessa-Faye Stanley for 'Like-A-Looks', winner of the 2016 Sitcom Trials.

Look-A-Likes was conceived by Vanessa-Faye Stanley and Kate Bowes Renna.

"An exciting world which sparkles with witty dialogue and funny one liners" BAFTA Rocliffe


Birds and bees 

(London Short Film Festival 2017, Best Shorts Competition Winner 2016, Funny Women Semi-Finalist 2016)

 Director, Writer

The facts of life. Complicated.

A comedy short where a teacher who can't handle the truth tries to teach the young inmates of Crock-Ash Heights about bodies and bees.





(Aesthetica Festival Award Winner 2016)

 Director, Writer

A mockumentary which follows Binda - a pilates guru with sharp teeth, a big appetite, and a neon soul. 

Winner with merit for the 2016 Aesthetic Festival Award for Web Length Video.





(Winner of the coup de coeur award from Canal + in 2003)

 Co-director, Co-producer 

A tale of lust, love and a kilo of sausages from film-maker Bruce Burgess, filmed in France with an entirely French cast. Vanessa-Faye directed the actors in this short film, which she also co-produced.








(Funny Women Awards 2015 Finalist)

Movement Director, Co-Creator, Performer

A collaboration with film maker Camilla Robinson, inspired by the dark tales of Edward Gorey, ABCDead is a gothic tale of sadness and woe, tracing the decline and fall of Amy, Basil, Cynthia and Doris who all come to untimely ends, in the most fashionable attire. Showcasing the designs of shoe designer Tracey Neuls and accessories designed by Dean Sidaway, it premiered at the ICA as part of the London Short Film Festival, part of the official selection for the Aesthetica Short Film Festival (ASFF). It is currently a finalist of the September 2015 Funny Women short film awards and features on The Huffington Post.